In 2017 Island Spa Retreats was created with a vision

“to be a leader in offering traditional holistic living”

During an Island Spa Retreat on the island paradise of Maalhos, Baa Atoll, Maldives – the tools are given to our guests to start their holistic journey to an authentic self

Island Spa Retreats has four founding principles to allow this to unfold – nature, spiritual healing, nourishment & friendship;


Sit back, relax and let the island and sea spirits re-connect your mind, body and soul

Spiritual Healing

To practice yoga you are harmonising your mind, body and spirit. In our retreats you will practice daily immersed in nature which will help guide you to your inner stillness


Natural products, Nurtured soul, Nourished energy through relaxing Spa treatments (coming soon) and fresh healthy food


We’re fun, we’re real and you’ll never forget the friendships and powerful life-changing opportunities that are created in a group setting

After immersing in an Island Spa Retreat, leave empowered to take control over your health and well being.

Founder and host Kate has over ten years of experience in the Spa and hospitality industry, while travelling she was drawn to traditional holistic spa therapies and well being as an alternative to western medicine.



“Having had the pleasure to work in a field I am passionate about – hospitality which involves taking care of people as well as Spa which involves guiding people in ways to take care of themselves, I have always held a strong sense of purpose in my work. Through my travels and the people I have met along the way I have expanded and nurtured my soul and I want to inspire others to do so too”

**Retreat to Maldives**