Yoga practice immersed in nature

1,2,3 BackbendYoga harmonises mind, body and spirit. The benefits are significant and this ancient Indian tradition is becoming a modern living tradition.

Regular practice can help increase cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, aid in normalising endocrine and gastrointestinal function and improve posture, strength, endurance and immunity along with improvements in mood, concentration and memory.

Nudge physical boundaries with yoga postures to become fully focused on the body, breath and mind. Become absorbed in being in the present moment. It’s like a break from our usual mind status. Like a holiday, it refreshes us.

Daily practice will offer most rewards; in our retreats daily practice immersed in nature will install inner stillness. Along with the gentle guidance of the teacher new elements can be brought back to the home routine, or perhaps the inspiration to start a routine, should this not be the case already.

Through Island Spa Retreats daily sunrise beach yoga the body and mind will begin to function with clarity and efficiency, and natural well being will start to shine through.

Let us guide you to move from stress to de-stress, from dis-ease to ease, from passion to compassion.

**Retreat to Maldives**

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