Natural products, Nurtured soul, Nourished energy

As more and more people are discovering, when it comes to ensuring good health, nature’s way is often the best. Eating a well-balanced diet is one of the safest, simplest and most natural ways to keep fit and healthy.

When you travel to a remote location you may find more locally grown food and seasonal dishes served. When something is freshly picked it is more nutritious and not to mention a lower carbon impact. This is how we like to prepare food and guide you on how to do so too.

Additionally we care as much about what goes on the skin as to what goes into the body and will help switch up the beauty routine. Natural products nurture the soul and nourish the bodies energy. Spa treatments are done with luxuriously organic and natural products.

Natural products, Nurtured soul, Nourished energy

**Retreat to Maldives**

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All the vegan food I ate in the Maldives 😋 . . Before I got to Maalhos, I was quite worried about surviving vegan there. After all, you can walk from end to end in 20 minutes and I imagined all people ever ate was fish. . . I was pleasantly surprised to learn that SO many interesting things grow on the island – green papaya, brinjal, kopifai (a leaf deliciously made into a salad), wild almonds, pumpkin and my favourite – moringa, the superfood! Chef Saeed @madi_finolhu_guesthouse was a rock star, and I feasted on different kinds of veggies and curries, along with roshi (a local bread a bit like India’s roomali roti) everyday. Also had some interesting food-related encounters on the island, including explaining to locals who asked, that I love fish in the ocean but not on my plate 😉 . . Check out my food adventures in the Maldive on my food account @nomadicvegan🍴Tip: Inform your accommodation beforehand about your vegan / vegetarian diet, so they can make sure you’re well fed! . . And you, tried any interesting cuisines recently? . . #theshootingstar #vegantravel #maldiveslife #foodphotography #iphone8plus

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