If you think there isn’t much to do in Maldives – think again!

Spa Treatments offer an exclusive retreat as the ultimate in pampering and relaxation. 50-80 mins of daily treatments COMING SOON

Yoga on a Sandbank as well as our daily sunrise yoga we have a special 15-minute boat ride to a remote Maldivian Island in store for you, with white sandy beaches, and high quality reef. After our sandbank yoga session enjoy snorkeling the fringing reefs. While doing yoga on Anga faru sandbank water surrounds us from all areas, you can’t get much more immersed than that – this is a truly enriching experience.


Sunset dolphin cruise a relaxing cruise in search of wild dolphins while viewing the sun setting over the Indian Ocean is one of our favorite activities. The Maldives is home to several species of dolphins, including spinners and bottle-nosed dolphins, which can be seen gracing the waters near Maalhos. Watch them jumping and doing their friendly tricks as they frolic and play in the wake of our boat. This is one of the most fun-filled and moving excursions you can experience while in the Maldives, and will create lasting memories.

Fishing in the Indian Ocean the traditional Maldivian way. Experience sunset across the ocean while you cast your line to pursue the fish below.

Eydhafushi visit this trip will take you to the capital island of Baa Atoll where you can get another touch of Maldivian life, culture and visit some shops.

Day 4 Eydhafushi

Cooking Class learn more about the local cuisine, their use of spices, and the preferable way to prepare some traditional dishes. Sitting down after the cooking lesson to enjoy your efforts is extremely rewarding and whats more you can take away the recipes to bring to life the flavor of your Maldivian retreat in your own home.

Gardening Caring for your garden can be a great form of mindfulness meditation. By connecting with the earth and with the practice of gardening, you can cultivate a healthy mind and feel calm and connected. Simply planting a seed with intention, or touching soil, can be trans-formative.

Coconut Weaving The Maldives offers so much more than sand, sun and sea as the islands are blessed with a rich culture and heritage. Kajan or as more commonly known on the local islands as “Fangi Vinun” is thatch weaving from dried coconut palms fronds and ropes made from the fiber of coconut husk. The locals make it look so easy, and one must have a go to appreciate how hard these ladies work thatching meters and meters of this day by day, thumbs up to this sustainable and eco friendly way to provide roofing and fences.

Kajan Workshop

House reef Snorkeling The Maldives stand head and shoulders above any other destination on earth when it comes to snorkeling.

Maalhos is located in the UNESCO world biosphere of Baa Atoll, the site is representative of the Maldives’ high diversity of reef animals, with stony and soft corals, reef associated fish species, marine turtles, manta rays and whale sharks.

There is a whole different world underwater to be discovered

Whale shark and Manta ray Snorkeling the Maldives is an excellent year round destination, especially for sightings for whale sharks and manta rays. Encounters with mantas is an amazing experience as they tumble and circle around their cleaning station which is located just on the outskirts of Maalhos lagoon.

Try scuba dive experience If you like to go deeper Maldivers Diving Centre takes you on the house reef for a free try out scuba dive.

Scuba Diving can provide a very relaxing environment where you could indulge in hours of discovery and exploration and be mesmerised by the alien life that inhabits the bottom. For those with an addiction for the rush of adrenalin; there are few things that could parallel the excitement of diving in rushing currents and the thrill of close encounters with the wonderful creatures of the deep, like sharks and rays.

Time is all yours on Maalhos. In this local island gem, every single moment is filled with pleasure and a celebration of nature’s beauty. Surreal beauty, pure Maldivian hospitality and local culture blend in harmoniously to immerse you in an untouched Maldivian experience. All the above activities are included as part of our retreat programme