The Team

Kate PhuketKate – Founder and Host

“Doing gymnastics for 11 years taught me discipline, respect, balance, confidence and so much more. I achieved my dreams in the sport because I was willing to work hard and conquer my fears. You barely get things right first time, that’s why in gymnastics we use mats… and it’s only by falling that you will get stronger

I chose a career in an industry that I love, which means I enjoy going to work. As a manager I have the responsibility to create an environment for others that inspires and grows them and this gives me each day a new challenge and a new sense of achievement.

Prior to the retreat, during and after I see it as my responsibility to take of you “Black Instagram Icon

Matheen – Guest House Owner

Takes excellent care of you while you are on the island. Makes sure everything works and runs smoothly as well as being a master tour guide of the UNESCO world biosphere of Baa Atoll.

“I am passionate about mother nature and all her critters and creatures and welcoming guests to my home Island Maahlos and touring them around the best spots to see all that Maldives has to offer. I also really enjoy sharing a good story in the shade of an coconut tree.”

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 FiraaqFiraaq – Guest Services

Along with his brother Aboo, Firaaq is Maclura guest house owner and our very own excursion guide and all round assistant. You will see him busy around Maalhos keeping everything organised and running to time for the retreat and he always has a smile for you.

“Our fish is caught by local fisherman delivered directly to the beach , and a lot of our fruit and vegetables are organic and locally grown and picked fresh. I will guide you to find the best fishing spots to get your very own catch of the day and show you around the island to where is the best spot to snorkel with Mantas!”

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Dhaanu – Dive Instructor and Excursion guide

Day 7 - Snorkelling DhaanuOur ocean-savvy guide gives orientation of the house reef and points out its resident inhabitants. He is always on the go and has a huge passion for the ocean which rubs off when he is giving his awesome tours. There is so much to discover in Baa Atoll and Dhaanu is the one to show you the spots where the magic happens.

“After working on Safari boats for several years I decided to start up my own centre in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere reserve and am excited to be working on some projects to conserve the precious ocean.”

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Eleanor – Yoga Teacher

Day 8 - Sandbank 14Eleanor came across Kundalini Yoga in 2008 and fell in love with the practice straight away.  What she found was beyond her imagination: an entire system of powerful and practical tools to align the body, mind and spirit; to feel connected and energised and to be able to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.  Eleanor trained as a teacher with Karam Kriya School in London and Portugal under Shiv Charan Singh.

Her aspiration as a teacher is to hold a nurturing space where students can work through their blocks and open up to an experience of their true potential, coming home to the wisdom, strength and beauty that lives within.

“Kundalini Yoga has transformed my life beyond measure and brought me a sense of peace, joy and vitality that I didn’t know was possible.  I’m excited to share this incredible practice with you and support you in being more you.”

Neeni – Therapist

Neeni Pranee Pholaeku

Thai therapist with a western touch, traveled and worked in Dubai, Thailand and Denmark worked for the Global Hospitality Company Hyatt for 5 years.

Neeni’s Thai massage begins with a prayer called a puja…

“…..we pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will be released from him”

is performed in a meditative mood and will soothe aches and pains, loosen joints and ease muscle tension, leaving you feeling completely refreshed.

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Ayu – TherapistAyu Turken

Balinese therapist with a western touch, travelled and worked in China, Egypt, Dubai, Thailand.

The effects of Ayu’s Balinese massage are usually immediate: your face will glow and you will feel wonderfully relaxed, only a few sessions are needed for you to be completely relaxed or as the Indonesians believe, attain a balanced inner harmony or as Ayu expresses..…..

“Rupasampat Wahya Bhiantara”

the balance between inner and outer beauty, between that which is visible and that which lies within.

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Janaka – TherapistJanaka

Sri Lankan therapist highly qualified in Ayurveda at Jetwings hotels, worked in Dubai and Maldives for 6 years at JA resorts and Hotels.

Step back in time and get treated by one of the oldest healing systems in the world. In line with Ayurveda principles….

“The body is truly the support of one’s well-being, since humans are established in the body. Leaving everything else one should take care of the body, my role is special as I can help guests who have neglected their bodies”

Not only are there physical benefits to Janaka’s Ayurvedic treatments as he performs Shirodhara, sometimes referred to as the ‘massage of the third eye’ he can aid relieve mental tension and provide a calm state of mind. Black Instagram Icon

Paige – Sun Kissed Yogi

Paige - Backbend Beach

Paige first discovered the emotional healing benefits of yoga after struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression. Searching for a better alternative to medications that she had been using to treat her symptoms, she instead decided to treat the issues that were causing them. While building her inner strength, she noticed she body was getting stronger as well.

“One thing I would love to tell the world is that happiness is a choice, whether you believe you deserve to be truly happy or not it is a choice, not a right, the world doesn’t do things to us, the world does things for and because of us.”Black Instagram Icon


The Team Matheen, Kate, Ahmed