Maalhos, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Located in Baa Atoll, in the heart of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Maalhos is a small and beautiful local island barely a kilometre in length, with a population of about 500 people.

Maalhos pink sunset

The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Maalhos beach aerial @schunna

The lush vegetation accentuated with swaying palm trees make this island one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Maldives.

The island has its own private beach, named bikini beach where you can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy swim the crystal clear waters of Maalhos lagoon.

The island is surrounded by a spectacular house reef with rich flora and fauna. Baby sharks, moray eels, rays and turtles are often found on the house reef. The house reef is accessible from the beach and is perfect for snorkelling and diving.

You can also find stunning sand banks which can be reached by 5 minutes speedboat ride from Maalhos.

The charming locals, the untouched beauty and simplicity will leave you wanting to come back and will definitely make your Maldives dreams come true!

The main beach has peaceful views, sitting under the shade of the a coco palms you can enjoy the sea breeze and some down time and reflection.

Maalhos view from

You can reach us from Malé International Airport via a 20 minute domestic flight to Dharavandhoo followed by a 12 minute speedboat ride. Flights run at least 4 times a day. To travel by ferry takes 2 hours depending on sea conditions and this service runs on Saturday, Monday and Thursday (departing from Maalhos at 07:00 to Male and coming from Male at 13:00 to Maalhos). We will recommend and book the best option to match your international flight times.

Maalhos full aerial @schunna
Maalhos aerial view captured by @schunna