Island Spa Retreats 2019 Highlights

A magical year for us on our island home Maalhos, 2019 provided us with so many amazing retreat experiences and an abundance of beautiful guests. Not only did our guests gain so much from their time with us but we received an incredible amount from them too.

Throughout the year we opened our arms and made friends with beautiful souls from all walks of the globe; United Arab Emirates, Germany, Iceland, America, Singapore, Australia, Jamaica, Canada, Finland, South Africa, Romania, Ireland, Malaysia, Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and more!

We were also lucky to share our island with some amazing facilitators, including the divine Emma Sheridan on our Signature Retreats in March and November.

Island Spa Signature Retreat

March 9th – 16th 

Beautiful days filled with sunshine, snorkeling, smiles and all round good times started with daily Vinyasa flows. Days were complete with sunset Yin, pranayama and meditation, grounding us and helping us to reconnect us to our deeper selves. Haley enjoyed diving while Gudna and Thyri enjoyed snorkeling for the first time (we got them hooked). This week Emma certainly sparked an inner shift that made us happier, more peaceful, and more in touch with the love and wisdom of our core.

HotYogiAna Yoga Retreat

April 13th – 20th

In April we were blessed to meet Anayra Calderon who led her group through some hard-core sunrise and sunset Vinyasa flows. Over the week we engaged in core work, stability training and plenty of play. Anayra shared with us her in depth knowledge about alignment, philosophy allowing us to transcend our boundaries.

For more pics from this week check out HotYogiAna ~ Maldives Yoga Retreat 2019

EmpowerFit Wellness Yoga Retreat

April 20th – 27th

Later in April we flowed with Lateefah Fleming and her beautiful tribe from New Jersey. Lateefah’s whole body experience brought us the grounding, strength and flexibility of yoga with the freedom and movement of dance. The group left the week more empowered after the daily dose of yoga and dance.

FitKit Bootcamp

June 29th – July 6th

At the end of June we welcomed Ketlin Tackman back and she kick butted us through the beginning of July. We enjoyed great company in between tailored sunrise and sunset workouts. Combining fitness, relaxation and fun everyone certainly returned to normal life energized and refreshed. We also had the most amazing experience in Hanifaru Bay where we got to witness a Manta Ray breach right before us! Thank you Ketlin for pushing us to dive into a fitter future.

Talyssa Star Yoga & Dive Retreat

July 11th – 18th

In July we flowed with Talyssa and her girls from Dubai while also learning to dive! When we were taking long, deep breaths during our yoga practice, we built skills to help keep us safe underwater. During our time diving we simply left our worries at the surface allowing us to enter a meditative state. This week we certainly got to de-stress and live more in the present moment.

Juan’s Dance ReTREAT

September 7th – 14th

We tapped into our creative minds and explored our skills in movement with the talented Juan Calderon in September. Juan taught us the art and science of partner dancing incorporating the basics of connection – breathing, aligning and interpreting energies. By the end of the week we had learnt the type of connection on the dance-floor which allowed us to enter a hypnotic and meditative dance trance in which leading and following became effortless. The group danced through their days on Maalhos and the surrounding islands, sharing good vibes everywhere their dancing feet led them. During this week we had mantas, a whale shark, turtles and dolphins visiting us on our house reef, it was truly magical.

Lorena’s Jal Yoga Retreat

October 24th – 28th

In October we embraced some unique mindfulness and meditation practices with Lorena Godoy. We also got introduced to the yoga wheel during her backbend workshop which provided deep massage into the muscle tissues and to the spine. As the group disconnected to the outside world and their busy lives in Singapore they got in touch with the culture and nature of the Maldives. We had the most extraordinary and amazing time, transformational on all levels.

For more pics from this week check out Jal Singapore ~ Maldives Yoga Retreat 2019

Island Spa Signature Retreat

November 2nd – 9th

This week was all about connecting with nature and new people, sharing stories and spreading good vibes. We opened our hearts and gave space to connect back with our true selves with energetic sunrise Vinyasa flows and restorative sunset Yin. Emma certainly sparked and nurtured a change in to lead us to be kinder, more compassionate, awake and connected.

We would like to share a huge thank you to our beautiful retreat guests, hosts and teachers who we were honored to share our island home with throughout the year. So many special memories and strong friendships were formed which we are eternally grateful for.

Thanks to the wonderful people who captured these memories – from the sky dronista Camilla Dellion and her well trained Ahmed Khamis, underwater Dhaanu, Husen, Shaf and again Khamis. Eternally grateful to the Maldivers Diving Centre team who made each underwater experience unforgettable as well as providing us with plenty of good time on land too. Above are just a few highlights from the year and we truly hold so many great memories in our hearts.

Again a huge shout out to our guests who found us, believed in us and made our year what it was.

With love and light – Kate, Dhaanu and the Maalhos family.




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