Earth Day 2018

Everyday is earth day!

This is how we celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd 2018 in Maalhos.

We hope you can make a conscious effort to impart greener sustainable living in your everyday life. Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and take more moments to sit with nature and give gratitude for all it brings.

The day began as always will a beautiful sunrise

Earth day 2018 1

The natural world is important, valuable, beautiful, wonderful, an amazement and a pleasure. There are communities that sustain a simple lifestyle alongside their natural habitat such as here on a local island in Maldives. Rich in culture we should look to these communities and install some of their basic practices in our everyday lives.

Today we joined with the local ladies to make some coconut oil. The ladies work as a team. One by one they drop the milk that they squeezed from their coconuts to Moneeyeters house, the meeting point.

The ladies went to pray and informed us that they will do the next process after lunch.

During our break we had a fresh coconut drink using our new reusable straws.

After prayer and lunch the boiling process started.

Meanwhile the Maldivers Diving Centre organised a beach and reef clean up.

Earth day 2018 12

After this fun activity we got to see the final process of the coconut oil.

We got a little visitor to Madi Finolhu

Earth day 2018 14

Finally a beautiful sunset

Earth day 2018 13

A beautiful day!


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